Complete Guide for the Usage of 25kva Transformer

by David Woolf

You have heard hundreds of times about the burning of a transformer due to overheating and overloading of voltage on it. In this article, you will ultimately learn about the 25kva transformer and its working and types. If you are wondering what does 25kva transformer means, don’t worry, you will completely learn everything about the 25kva transformer in this article.

Usually, a 25kva transformer can bear about 25,000 colt ampere current to avoid overheating. The voltage of a 25kva transformer usually fluctuates between 240 and 480 volts for the sake of transferring electricity. 25kva transfers are very famous for their fast working speed and providing high voltage in a short period.

The 25kva transformers are available in two types. There are a single phase and three phases in the 25kva transformer. Different types of primary and secondary voltage are supplied to the transformer to make it polar.

Different sorts of 25kva transformer

When everyone talks about how many types of 25kva transformers there are, then you must know there are two main types of 25kva transformers.

  1. Pad-mounted 25kva transformer
  2. Overhead 25kva transformer

1 -Pad mounted 25kva transformer

This type of transformer is usually placed on a concrete pad. There are mainly 2-3 wires attached to it. If you talk about a secondary connection, there will be at least two wires connected to it.

2 –Overhead 25kva transformer

This type of transformer is usually placed above the ground level. In this transformer, a secondary wire is directly attached to the transformer. The 25kva transformer also consists of 2-3 wires.

At which ampere 25kva transformer runs better?

If you are concerned about the amperes given to the transformer, then the 25kva transformer will require amperes, depending upon its voltage capacity. You probably can decide to give current in ampere not more than the voltage of 25kva transformer because the transformer may get heat up and can break down due to high ampere of current.

Number of houses that can run on 25kva transformer

25kva is very specific to the number of a home. It can provide voltage. There are some main factors upon which the working capacity of a 25kva transformer depends; which are given below

  • The number of appliances running in a house determines the working of a 25kva transformer. If the home runs many heavy machines, it would not be suitable for a 25kva transformer.
  • If houses consume a large voltage, the 25kva transformer slows down and can only run a few homes simultaneously.
  • The type of wire connected to the 25kva transformer also determines how many houses can be run on it. If a large number of homes are connected to a 25kva transformer via ground wire, 25kva would not be able to run a large number of houses.

There are many other factors upon which the working of the 25kva transformer depends for working. You must be careful while installing 25kva transformer by knowing how many houses can be run on it.

Bottom line

This article will hopefully prove to be the best choice for getting knowledge about how many houses can be run on a 25kva transformer. If you are willing to install a 25kva transformer, you must first confirm how many dwellings are running heavy appliances because the transformer will run only a few houses if more houses consume large voltage.

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