Different Textures of Frontal Lace Wigs

by David Woolf

You might be in doubt while choosing the best frontal lace wigs for a perfect look. The first question that appears in your mind is which texture to choose for frontal lace wigs? And you want the most suitable wig in your hand at a glance without wasting a single second.

This article will take your worries so far, and you will surely be able to select your desirable lace frontal wig in a few seconds.

There are plenty of frontal lace wigs available in the market. But to know which one is the best, we have come up with the most demanded lace frontal wig textures.

Different textures of Lace Frontal Wigs

The main textures of frontal lace wigs are given blow.

Silky Straight lace Frontal Wig

If you have silky and straight hair and are facing hair loss or the length of your hair is short, then this wig is made for you. This smooth and straight lace frontal wig comprises 100% virgin human hairs. It has breached knots and a completely natural hairline which protects it against hair shedding and tangle.

Light Yaki Lace Frontal Wig

Light Yaki wigs are specially made for African-American ladies or ultra-curly hairs. Light Yaki is also made from natural hair, but it has gone through a high chemical straightening process called Relaxer.

Kinky Straight

Kinky straight wigs are made for blow-dry lovers. The texture has a staple quality to make them more beautiful.

Body Wave

This body wave wig has the lightest but more substantial and healthiest wave. This wig has a slight curl on straight hairs for the lovers of those ladies that want more minor waves with straight hairs.

Water Wave

This wig has a more vigorous and watery wave. These wigs are famous for deep waves because they have the second of the three wavy textures. They work as magical boosters for less-defined hairs.

Deep Wave

They are made for all types of hair. They have a striking texture with high levels of ripple curly ends. Due to its intensive strong waves, it creates a perfectly natural hairline, and sometimes it isn’t easy to distinguish whether they’re natural hairs or not.

Curly Lace Wig

Curly lace wigs have a considerable variety, but the curl’s most important thing. These wigs are firmly knotted with a healthy loop that feels very soft when touched. They are suitable for all types of hair.

Kinky Curl

The most purchased curly wig known as kinky curl has a different level of texture and beauty. This wig is also known as Afro curl and has a smaller but larger loop.


Afro is made for those who want to wear it with their natural hair. They are entirely made with natural Afro hairs to give the actual shape and strength of the strands.


By summing up, we can indeed say that you can’t select your desirable wig by only knowing the color and length of the wig, but the texture has a big part in it. The best surface you choose for your Lace Frontal Wig, the longer it’ll be used.

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