How to Install RGB Neon Rope Lights

by David Woolf

When you buy RGB Neon Rope Lights, the best thing is to find an expert that will help you install the Lights. The installation is not exactly complex, but it has a lot of technical features. It is a task you can do on your own, but there will be mistakes. Even if you do not make a mistake, you may not get the best location for the Rope Lights. However, as a DIY enthusiast, it is almost impossible that you call an expert to install Lights. It is normal to believe it is as simple as plug and play. You have many lighting options globally. Therefore, if you are choosing rope lighting, you may have your reasons. It is either you have seen Rope Lights somewhere and you completely loved it. Also, it is possible that you got advice from your electrician or from any platform on the Internet.

When you choose the Rope lighting option, you have a lot of advantages. The main feature is its ambience and how discreet the light can look. But in most cases, the part you will enjoy the most as a DIY enthusiast is its easy installation. The installation of a Rope light does not require all of the complex tools and processes. As long as you have a Hammer, the Rope light, some nails, and the clips, you are good to go. However, as with any other installation, you need the right processes. You are on the right path if you are in search of the right steps to install your Rope Lights.

Choose a location where your light will be most effective

There is a reason why you want to install the Lights. Of course, the most common reason is to illuminate the whole place. But in some cases, you just want to have some Ray of light coming from a hidden spot. For instance, right behind your television, having some illumination behind will improve aesthetics. Regardless, the first step is to choose the right location based on your preference.

Take accurate measurements of this area

After choosing where you want your Rope light, you need to measure the area. Ensure that you use a measuring tape to take accurate measurements. Also, remember to record all measurements. Do not try to keep the measurements in your head. We know you have a retentive memory, but it is better safe than sorry.

Buy plastic cable chips that align with your rope light size

Your Rope light is going to go in between some chips known as cable chips. If your ropes are big, there is no way it will go through a chip with a small diameter. Therefore, get chips that are the perfect size for your Rope Lights. After that, fix your Rope along the path of the clips.

Nail the clips to hold the Rope light firmly

The clips of holding your rope light need to be firm to a spot. You would not like to see your light moving unstable every time. Instead, you can nail the chips to the wall or a wooden surface. All you need to do is to use nails and Hammer to nail the chips safely. After that, you can plug the light into the power source and turn it on.

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