How to Maximize the Performance of a Grease Gun Valve

by David Woolf

When it comes to everything that has moving parts, whether it is a door, your car, or any other machine that comes to mind, they all need to stay lubricated with grease to continue functioning correctly. What better way of applying grease than using a grease gun valve? This invention also helps maintain the life of most machines out there. However, with a grease gun, just like any other dual chamber orifice fitting tool, failure to keep it well maintained leads to poor performance.

Ways you can ensure your grease gun valve operates to maximum

Grease guns are useful handy tools, but they often don’t receive much care to perform better for longer. To keep them in perfect shape, you need to follow several tips. Here’s how you go about it:

Read instructions before use

It looks like a no-brainer. However, you’d be surprised to know that many people start operating tools without first reading the instruction manual. One of the best ways of maintaining your grease gun valve is knowing how to use it properly. Once you’ve acquainted with the grease gun’s best usage and maintenance procedures, it becomes easier to use and keep it.

Clean it regularly

Due to the nature of their purpose, it’s essential to clean your grease gun thoroughly after each use. Make sure you do it regularly. It is easy; you just need a dry cloth to clean it. A great way of making sure your grease gun is still greasy after a wipe is by washing your hands then checking the gun for any traces of grease.

Don’t mix grease

Another way of making sure that your grease gun stays useful for longer is by not mixing old grease with new grease, as this can significantly decrease the life of your grease gun valve. It’s also important to check your user’s manual for the recommended types of lubricants the grease gun can handle. You don’t want to end up causing more harm than good to your parts; it’s costly.

Test lubricant flow

Before using your grease gun, always check the consistent flow of the grease to notice any inconsistencies in the pressure. You can achieve this by squirting some lubricant onto a rag. Any sign of inconsistency means that the nozzle isn’t working correctly. You’ll have to check on that before proceeding to operate your system.

Beware of moving parts

As previously mentioned, a grease gun valve has some moving parts that can also wear out after a while. It’s vital to keep tabs on such parts and make sure they operate optimally. An instruction manual usually has the various parts of the grease gun, making it easy to know which part works and which one doesn’t.

The verdict

A grease gun valve is a handy tool because it makes applying any lubricant easier. However, many people handled it roughly, decreasing its performance over time. It’s crucial to maintain it horizontally in a cool, dry place with all parts intact. With such measures, we can guarantee a long life and maximum output from your grease gun. Check our store for quality grease gun valves.

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