Ways 3D Printing is Changing the World

by David Woolf

3D is the process of producing three solid dimensional objects from a digitalized file. It has become the top trend in the current technological world as it involves the building of three solid dimensional objects from a digitalized file. Many people use ender-3 to create art, entertainment, education art, and many other things that need technology. The world needs to change for the better, especially now when everyone embraces the revolutions brought about by technology. 3D printing is one invention that is likely to change the world, of which it is already changing it. The following are some ways in which 3D seems to be changing the world:

Full-time substitution

With 3D printing, the replacement has become more readily available at any time of the day. Anyone would want to save time by spending at least less time in some activities. 3D printing makes it easy to do a replacement rather than lengthy procedures to the stores and delivery. It is easy to print the part they are interested in and the exact quantity they need to avoid waste from bulky buying.

Solution for Housing Crisis

Constructing houses has become very expensive lately. A small percentage of young people can afford to buy homes or even paying their rents. 3D seems to have a solution to that; recycled materials can be used to build cheaper houses. Recycled rubble, steel glasses, and cement have been used to make such homes in china. 3D printing enables builders to save many construction costs, such as transportation, labor, materials, and building costs.

Provision of Affordable Prosthetic

There are war and accident victims who lose parts of their bodies, such as the limbs and arms. The replacement for such is expensive and makes many of them learn how to live without those parts. A research firm known as Not Impossible Lab is currently using 3D printing to produce large prosthetics for the victims. The firm set up a hospital in Sudan to help the affected victims afford prosthetics for their life to be back to normal again.

Easy Access of Parts in Space

Space exploration needs a lot of preparation, fuel, and caution. No people live in space; therefore, if something gets wrong, one can’t quickly get spare parts or help immediately. Thus, figuring out a solution becomes quite challenging, and one might be required to be patient until the next mission group makes it there. 3D printing enables more printing of spare parts that may be needed for emergencies, thus saving on the time and money of the explorer and the company.

3D printing protects the environment

Most plastic products produced and used are non-biodegradable. The environment is at a significant threat; 3D can recycle the plastics and reuse them for other purposes in the future. It also produces minimal wastes as compared to other manufacturing processes. 3D has gone a mile further and produced machines that only accepts recycled plastics.

3D printing has made life more comfortable and bearable. Companies using this form of technology to create objects have gone far beyond those who do not use it. Their costs are relatively low, and their environment is conserved well. Many wars and accident victims had greatly benefited as their life and goals didn’t end when they lost their arms and limb. They can afford prosthetics and make their life better once again.

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