How Do You Print Facebook Messenger Messages?

by David Woolf

If you have an important message on Facebook messenger that you need to print for one reason or another you might be wondering how to print Facebook messenger messages. As we well know, over 2 billion monthly active Facebook users exist all over the world. In case you’re wondering, that’s a lot of people.

And with just as many people in the world making use of it, there’s no doubt that they make use of Facebook messenger for their messages. They use it in communicating with their friends, business colleagues, and family. Now, what happens when these users need to save these chars and messages for one reason or another and not just saving but printing them out as well. You can find various ways to accomplish all this on the internet and here is one way you can easily print your Facebook messenger messages.

Why Facebook Messenger?

In the year 2014, there was a major change to Facebook where the messaging feature was given tons of independent app and that means messenger had to be downloaded in order to send and receive messages on Facebook.

Why was this done? It was created to make sending and reviving messages a lot easier without necessarily making use of the Facebook app. And with the yearly rise of Facebook users, it is without question that they are over 100 million messenger app users available.

The great news is that it can be accessed from any website that has been authorized and can also be available for any operating system. That includes iOS and Android devices. With the messenger app, you can receive and send text messages, audios, photos, videos, gifs, stickers, and. You also have the option of voice calling and video calling.

So How Do You Print Facebook Messenger Messages?

What are the best methods in saving and printing the chat of your choice from Facebook messenger?. There are various solutions for messenger users especially if you want to export and print out your messenger messages.  You might need them for a case or for just safekeeping. Meaning you need to get them in a hard copy to store away somewhere and somehow. When it comes to saving and copying your conversations, you can do the following;

Decipher Messenger Export

When you download this app, it lets you enter your messenger account and access the conversations you’ve had. Then you can easily pick a contact and tap on the save option from the menu. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to use this because it’s pretty easy.

Here’s a step by step guide

· Launch decipher messenger export on your computer

· Log in to your messenger

· Choose a contact and save

· Go to exported pdf to print the messages

As you can see, it’s a very simple method to use and doesn’t require much work. Just ensure you are connected to a stable power supply as well as stable wifi and you should have your prints in no time.

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