How to Check For Quality Human Hair Lace Wig

by David Woolf

Many people have fallen prey to dubious hair wigs dubbed ‘human hair’ and turned out fake. But this is bound to happen if you don’t buy your wigs on trusted sites that sell authentic lace frontal wigs. You can also avoid being duped by knowing how to identify original human hair easily. Get informed about how you can check for the authenticity of quality human hair lace wigs.

How to Tell the Difference

Human hair is very pricy; that is why you must be sure if what you are taking home is worth the investment. It is advisable to do your research on the brand you want to invest in to be on the safer side.

1. The Burning Or Smoke Test

When the edges of a natural human hair are slightly burned, it turns to ashes and produces white smoke. Synthetic hair will turn into a black, complex, sticky substance and has black smoke as it burns. The synthetic hair also smells like rubber when burned.

2. Perfect Length

Human hair is usually not perfect in size and patterns because they are genuinely from the human scalp. Synthetic hair is processed and perfectly aligned; there is a simple test to check if the hair has gone through chemical processing. You can smell any chemicals. If the scent irritates your nose, then there is a possibility that the wig is chemically processed. This test is not 100% reliable.

3. Checking For Cuticles

Synthetic hair is very smooth and doesn’t possess cuticles because of numerous chemical processing. The cuticles are the outer layer of the hair; it is easy to check for the presence of cuticles in the hair strands. Feel the texture from up to down; it should be smooth, then try feeling the texture from down way up, then you must feel the roughness of the cuticles if it is genuine human hair.

4. Tangling

Synthetic hair tangles more than human hair; tangling occurs in human hair, especially for longer wigs.

5. Excessive Falling Off

Synthetic hair tends to fall off easily, especially when brushed. This does not mean that human hair doesn’t shed; it does but in small bits.

6. Water Test

When synthetic hair is dipped in water, it becomes stiff and retains its original length. When human hair is plunged into the water, it tends to curl up.

7. Check The Right Pricing

Human hair is more expensive compared to synthetic hair. It is rare to find the two ranging at the same price regardless of the brand.


These tests can be done right before you leave the store; buying your wigs on a trusted site is essential. Please go through the ratings and the feedback; these should not be hidden from potential clients; it depicts transparency. The information about the products should be available on-site, the seller should show a willingness to hear from their clients by providing a feedback section.

It would be best to count yourself as an expert in identifying synthetic from pure human hair wigs with this information.

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