Industries That Rely On CNC Custom Machining

by David Woolf

The integration of our industries means that they all require different equipment for production. This is where CNC custom machining comes in. Custom machining medical parts are indispensable with our hospitals requiring parts such as implants made by CNC machining. The medical industry is not the only industry that cannot live without custom machining, automotive, aerospace, etc. Most of these industries’ products are very delicate, so they require high precision parts to function. Since there is no room for error, custom machining is the best option.

CNC Custom machining for the medical industry

The medical industry deals with delicate parts that require a lot of care when manufacturing. Titanium is used due to its high biocompatibility, and since the metal is quite hard, custom machining works best. Titanium cannot corrode with body fluids. The slightest mistake on a prosthetic can cause discomfort to the patient. One part cannot fit everyone; that’s why our hospitals require custom machining to come up with a part that fits every patient. Optical lenses come in various variations, and the slightest miscalculation on the focal length and such can be catastrophic. Man is to error; that is why programmed machines are the best to perform these kinds of tasks. We are dealing with lives, and since we do not want to put these lives at risk.

CNC Custom machining for the Aerospace Industry

The airplanes, jet fighters, and other aerospace are exposed to high atmospheric pressure and are prone to wear and tear. For a plane to qualify for flight or a jet to go into battle, they must undergo serious experimentation to prove quality. The twist and turns of our jet fighters are not only mind-blowing but also stressing. The geometrics and science behind out aerospace require the parts to be error-free. Due to the inflexibility of these parts, aerospace industries hire custom CNC machining to make these parts.

CNC Custom machining for the Automotive Industry

The automotive industries are changing; not long ago were we required to carry a heavy toolbox everywhere. Now our cars are automated and filled with electronics. Some of the parts in our cars are made in CNC shops, and since we have different models, different specialized parts are required. These firms hire custom machining services instead of buying already made prototypes. This way, companies can reduce the cost of production and improve quality.

CNC custom machining plays a vital role in our lives. CNC shops make the heat sinks we use in our electronics.

Advantages of using Custom Machining services

  • Higher quality
  • Precision and consistency
  • Cost-saving
  • Minimal human error

General and custom machining are equally effective, but custom machining has the upper hand in specialized fields. You can produce mass parts through general machining and reduce the amount of scrap. With custom machining, more scrap is produced, making the cost of production a notch higher. However, this can be negated if our shops purchased one massive lump of the material and cut out the required parts. This will reduce the cost of production substantially. The need for custom machining is unanimous, and without it, some of our industries cannot run efficiently.

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