Three Giant Panda Volunteer Programs in China

by David Woolf

The giant panda, otherwise known as “panda” is mostly found in the South Central part of China. With their black and white patches, the bears live in the wild in cool bamboo forests, where they can satisfy themselves with bamboo as often as they want. You can also find them in zoos as well as other conservation centers.

Being a vulnerable specie and a treasure in China, different panda sanctuaries and conservation centers exist, and these structures require the help of volunteers. Hence, the panda volunteer program. There are various panda volunteer programs one can participate in, but knowing what each program entails will help you make the right choice. You can start by booking a panda volunteer program with

Giant Panda Volunteering Programs

There are panda volunteer programs associated with the China Conservation and Research Center for Giant Panda (CCRCGP). It is an excellent medium through which volunteers can learn more about these fantastic creatures and contribute to keeping them safe.

This program is great for students and others who would love to get close and know more about pandas. As far as you are above 18, and are willing to work a minimum of 2 hours a day, you can apply. However, there are various panda volunteering programs in China with different requirements, prices, and limitations. So, below are three panda volunteer programs known for their affordability, reliability, and high reputation;

Go Eco- Panda Conservation Program

This panda volunteer program was established in 2005. In this program, volunteers are expected to prepare food, feed the pandas, and keep their pens clean and tidy. The Go Eco program runs for 1-4 weeks with a minimum of $750, including accommodation, feeding, and traveling insurance. Here, there are no applications required.

Global Nomadic- Panda Care

Unlike other volunteer programs, this program gives you enough time to take pictures with the pandas. This project aims to protect the future of these species in China. Apart from the primary activities (feeding, cleaning, and preparing food), the volunteers are entitled to a 2-hour free Chinese class daily throughout their stay. This program goes for $1,300 per week.

The Great Projects- Giant Panda Conservation

This program is in the Bigengxia mountain range in China. Volunteers are required to work with the staff to clean the pandas, feed them, and keep their cages clean as well. Apart from these duties, volunteers learn about Chinese culture and language, go on tours, and learn new skills, among other exciting activities. This program usually runs for a week with a fee of $1,287, which includes feeding, accommodation, Wi-Fi access, laundry services, and lots more. Note that the cost doesn’t cover your flight ticket, travel insurance, and visa.


Pandas were once endangered species, but their numbers have increased with the help of conservation programs and centers. But, they are still vulnerable. Hence, the importance of more volunteers. However, when choosing a volunteer program, make sure that you do your research and go for the best option suitable for you. You can get more information about panda volunteer programs on

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