What Is The Best Way To Maintain A Swiss Turning Machine?

by David Woolf

Swiss turning is used in the manufacture of small and precise parts. One of the main benefits of swiss turning is that parts are produced with high accuracy levels that exceed that of traditional machining. Additionally, Swiss turning is made possible by the use of the Swiss turning machine. The machine-like any other machine requires maintenance for optimal operations. Thus, this post aims to inform you of the best way to maintain a Swiss turning machine.

How to maintain a Swiss turning machine

1. Check for machine lubrication daily

Lack of lubrication can lead to the formation of friction which may limit the machine’s smooth operation. Thus, it is essential to check whether the machine has enough lubrication before the machining process begins. Furthermore, the lubrication check should be done daily. The best lubrication for the Swiss turning machine is grease. Grease ensures that all the necessary parts are grooving and moving well. Furthermore, a well-lubricated machine reduces the chances of wear. Thus, it is crucial to check for all dry spots and lubricate them.

2. Daily hydraulic pressure check

As part of the daily maintenance, it is crucial to ensure that the hydraulic pressure is at the required levels. High pressure or low pressure may impact the machine’s smooth operations.

3. Replacing of old equipment

Old and outdated equipment have high chances of breakdowns. Furthermore, the old systems may not function as well as new equipment. Thus, as part of the maintenance routine for a Swiss turning machine shop, replacing the old equipment with new can help improve overall factory performance. Furthermore, some of the Swiss turning machine tools may also be old and outdated. Thus, it is crucial to ensure that the machine present at the shop is well functioning.

4. Machine fluid check

For the Swiss machine to operate effectively, the right amount of fluids, hydraulic fluid, and lube need to be maintained. Therefore, daily machine checks can give you a clear indication of when the fluids require replenishing. The critical point to consider is that if the Swiss turning machine starts to use excess fluids, a problem may be present. Thus, it is crucial always to check how much fluid your machine is consuming.

5. Safety door cleaning

Machine operators usually operate behind a safety door. Therefore, it is essential to clean the doors, lights, and windows properly to ensure clear visibility.

6. Ensure you have the machine’s spare parts

The Swiss machine is like any other machine. It may be prone to breakdown. Therefore, having some of its essential spare parts at hand is crucial. Furthermore, having the hard-to-find spare parts will save you time and machine operations. Having the parts in handy can also reduce the chances of the machine’s further breakdown.

7. Employees checklist system

The machine operators are more likely to understand the machine better. Therefore, they are possibly the first to notice any changes in performance, machine conditions, or system errors. Therefore, through the checklist system, the operators can record the changes and offer them to management for addressing.


Even though the Swiss turning machine is an essential machine, it is just like any other machine. Therefore, ensuring proper maintenance will reduce the chances of the machine having low performance or breakdown.

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