What Are The Photopolymer Printing Plates Manufacturers To Avoid?

by David Woolf

The printing plates manufacturers play a significant role in the efficiency of flexo printing. Thus, they must use the latest technological advancements. Furthermore, the newest printing plates technological advancement is the photopolymer printing plates. The photopolymer printing plates are more efficient than other printing plates; thus, their demand is high. The high demand for photopolymer printing plates may make it difficult for the consumers to determine what manufacturer to select and avoid. Therefore, this post will update you on the photopolymer printing plates manufacturers to avoid.

The photopolymer printing plates manufacturers to avoid

1. Negative reviews

The reviews on a particular manufacturer can help you determine the production efficiency of the photopolymer printing plates. Furthermore, reputation is everything in business. Thus the photopolymer printing plates manufacturer to avoid has many negative reviews and a bad reputation. If you go for such manufacturers, then it is expected that you will receive a poor-quality product. Thus, before making any purchase, it is essential to inquire about a company’s reputation.

2. Lacks ISO certifications

ISO certifications ensure that the manufacturer is qualified to manufacture the photopolymer printing plates. Thus, it would be best if you avoided manufacturers that lack ISO certifications. You can determine whether a manufacturer is certified by going through their websites and reading whether they have any indications of being certified. You can also directly inquire from them on whether they are accredited. Also, manufacturers that lack the proper certifications cannot guarantee standardized photopolymer printing plates.

3. Poor customer service

Customer service is crucial in the business process. The manufacturers should be able to be professional in all their operations and communications with you. Also, the manufacturers that are not present for any inquiries that you may have on the production process are to be avoided at all costs. Also, those manufacturers that are not transparent with the details involved in the photopolymer printing plates should be avoided at all costs.

4. Lack of on-time delivery of products

Delivery delays can be a little off-putting, especially if you need to begin the printing process in the shortest time possible. Thus, if you need to start your business in the shortest time possible, you should avoid manufacturers that will not guarantee you on-time deliveries. Furthermore, delays in deliveries can contribute to time wastage that you would have otherwise spent in making labels.

5. Lack of experience

If you are in the market to purchase photopolymer printing plates, you should avoid manufacturers that lack experience. The more experienced a manufacturer is, the more knowledge they have on the photopolymer printing plates. Also, the more experienced a photopolymer printing plates manufacturer is, the more knowledge they have on current technologies and innovations. Thus, if you wish to purchase high productivity photopolymer printing plates, it would be best to avoid inexperienced manufacturers.


The photopolymer printing plates are essential in the engraving areas of most sectors in the economy. In addition, the photopolymer printing plates are a once-in-a-lifetime investment to make. Therefore, proper attention should be made while selecting the best in the market. Also, you should be able to determine which manufacturers to avoid and which to select.

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