Where Not to Use the Electric Power Washer Hose Reels

by David Woolf

The electric power washer hose reels are one of the most convenient pieces of equipment for high propulsion of water. This might not seem like much a lot of times. But when we encounter stains that just will not go away, the power washer serves wonderfully. But the thing is, once a person experiences it, it becomes difficult to stop.

Experiencing the effects of the electric power washer hose reels first hand leaves quite an impression. A lot of times people get carried away. Then they tend to think that the giraffe tools electric power washer removes all stains. This might be true for stains with any possibility of being removed. But when does it become disadvantageous or plain damaging? Let us find out.

Surfaces to Avoid with the Electric Power Washer Hose Reels

The drive to apply pressure washing to everything around the house is there. But one should not give into this feeling. This is because regardless of how simple they look, power washer actually “pack a punch”. So if used in the wrong surface, causing damage or even injury to the user is not an absurd concept.

Damaging paint or chipping into certain surfaces are few examples of practical damages. However by the end of this article it should be easier. It should be easier for customers to make judgments as to whether a surface is “worthy” or not. A few of the surfaces with the most dilemma surrounding them include:

1. Cars

Should one power wash his or her car? Absolutely not. Regardless of how efficient it might seem to be, it could be counterproductive. This is because if care is not taken the power washing could damage the paint. For cars, good old regular car washing is more than enough. If there are tough stains, one could simply focus on them instead of power washing the entire car.

2. Roofs

Might seem off, but quite a few people actually consider it. Imagine being able simply blast away irritating algae from surfaces. Well, the room is one of the surfaces where imagination is quite different from reality. As a beginner, power washing the roof is not actually recommended.

This is especially so if one is balanced on a ladder. The recoil from something like that could easily render one off balance. Also, important asphalt shingles might be loosened if power washer are used in roofs. They are important in extending the lifespan of the roof as a whole.

Here is a tip for those who still feel like climbing up to power wash the roof. Build and get used to the pressure on solid ground first. Then one could slowly climb up the ladder.


So be careful of where the electric power washer hose is used. If that is the case, what kind of surfaces are ideal for power washing? A few of them include concrete floors, driveways, decks, rough but solid surfaces and many more. To further information, check out the “Contact us” part of our site.

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