Comparing Honor Watch ES and Huawei Watch Fit

by David Woolf

Honor recently launched its fitness and fashion-oriented smartwatch,, and it looks eerily similar To Huawei’s Huawei Watch Fit. Honor is Huawei’s subsidiary if that might explain the suspicious similarities between the two smartwatches. We are going to discuss the particulars of both.

Box contents

The Honor Watch packaging contains the timepiece, a warranty card, and the watch’s user manual, whereas Huawei’s comes with the smartwatch, a warranty card, user manual, and a USB cable.


Display and design

  • Both smartwatches have a 1.64 inches’ color screen of the AMOLED technology, 456 by 280 pixels.
  • Both of their screens are touch-sensitive.
  • Huawei Watch Fit and Honor Watch ES both have rectangular curved screens.

Battery life

The two smartwatches’ battery life lasts up to 10 days after a full charge.

Fitness features

  • The two timers feature95 exercise modes of indoor and outdoor activities, e.g., running, swimming, cycling, and yoga.
  • Huawei Watch Fit might state 96 modes to sort of stand out, big difference? No.
  • Both offer 12 workout courses that include abs workout, with an animated virtual instructor.
  • The two also feature 44 exercise moves with an animated gesture demonstration.
  • Both smartwatches keep track of your daily fitness activities, including the number of calories burnt per workout,

Health monitoring

Both have:

  • Monthly cycle trackerfor the ladies- follows and predicts your next period
  • Sleep monitor – tracks your sleep schedule and whether or not you are getting quality sleep. You’re then given a quality evaluation with personalized recommendations to boost your sleep streak.
  • A full-time heart rate monitor- keeps track of your heart rate 24/7 and significantly keeps you in check during workouts.
  • In addition, they are both designed to trace blood oxygen levels.
  • Stress monitor- keeps your stress level in check to help maintain your wellbeing.


Both have a memory capacity of 4GB.

Size and weight

Each of the watches weighs 21 grams.

Water resistance

The water resistance capacity of Huawei Watch Fit and honor watch the ES type is up to 50 meters.


They are fitted with a 6-axis internal measurement unit sensor, a gyroscope (that records your cycles per minute during cycling), and an accelerometer (that determines the orientation of the user’s arm).

Bluetooth support

Both have Bluetooth support of v5.0.

Alerts and notifications

The two watches can give you alerts on new messages, calendar events, and incoming calls. Besides, they give you alerts from your social media apps from your smartphone.


The Huawei Watch Fit price is around $110, while the Honor ES costs about $120.


The (probably only) notable differences between the two-time telling machines is their GPS functionality.

Honor smartwatch ES has GPS that has to be connected to your smartphone to give location data, while the Huawei Watch Fit has an inbuilt GPS, which makes it an excellent companion for outdoor joggers and runners.

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