Why You Should Let Your App Users Make In-App Purchasing

by David Woolf

Recent studies have shown that online shopping is shifting towards mobile. It is estimated that over 20% of mobile users make purchases through their smartphones. If you have an online store, you should make it possible for customers to buy their mobile devices. However, if your store is not designed with mobile users in mind, then it may end up frustrating your shoppers. So, what should you do? The best option is to build a mobile app and then allow users to make in-app purchasing.

The truth is that building an app is not the best option for all businesses. That is because you ought to hire app developers to build it and then market it. You can now have your app in Huawei App Gallery. Moreover, you need proof that any investment you make will generate great returns. After determining whether it is worth building an app, you ought to understand the basics of in-app purchases and how the system works.

In-App Purchasing Basics

This is the ability of users to purchase services and goods from within the app when using their Huawei smartphone or Honor tablets. Therefore, retailers with apps can allow users to download the app and allow them to buy various items within the app. The items can then be delivered to the customer or picked from a drop-off point. On the other hand, gaming apps are available for free or at a fee. Some have in-app purchases that upgrade their experience.

Types of Items You Can Buy Within an App

Ideally, you can sell different products and services anywhere online. Some of the categories include subscriptions, entitlements, and consumables.


In this case, users can download apps free and then buy anything the retailer sells within the app.


With this in-app purchase, you get an option to get certain features, such as getting rid of advertising. Also, you can enjoy upgrades to take your app experience to another level.


This offers you access to different products and services each month. For instance, news apps can give you access to a certain number of articles each week.

In-App Purchasing Benefits

The truth is that building a shopping app can be a huge investment. Fortunately, the investment can generate adequate revenue to pay itself off. These are the various benefits of in-app purchasing.

Monetizes the App

Ideally, this is the major reason for providing in-app purchasing options. This is even important if the app was not a shopping app. The good thing is that there are various models that can help you monetize the app. One of them is in app-purchases.

Innovative Marketing Channel

The truth is that you can use the app to communicate with customers. In this case, you can promote products or offer special discounts or offers to users.

Increase in Sales

A lot of shoppers are now embracing mobile shopping. In fact, smartphones are widely used for purchases, research, and price comparisons. Therefore, offering your customers the opportunity to purchase your products.

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