Definition and spacing of LED high bay lights

by David Woolf

LED lights have proved to be a groundbreaking invention in the electricity industry. There are numerous lights applications, and they continue to prove that they are the best type of lighting on the market. The main reason for their popularity is that they are very little energy and are cost-efficient. They provide the advantages mentioned above without compromising on the quality of the light produced. One of the many applications of LED lights is in high bay lights. The market is packed with a wide range of high bay lights, including led lights 5000k, which is a type of LED high bay lights.

What are high bay lights?

High bay lights, also referred to as bay lighting, are applied in a wide range of commercial bays, including warehouses. They started going by high bay lights because practitioners wanted to create a distinction from low bay lights. Modern high bay lights are typically installed in fixtures that can hang anywhere or get elevated than 12 inches. For this reason, they are used for bays that have ceilings ranging between 20 to 50 feet. The fixtures also contain more than 100,000 lumens. High bay lights are also typically very powerful, and they can provide adequate illumination in a large area and over a long distance. 

Areas where high bay lights are applied

High bay lights are applied in a wide range of areas including; 

  • Large commercial and retail areas like grocery stores, showrooms, and malls
  • Warehouses with particular lighting needs and large spaces 
  • Storage facilities. They are primarily applied in cold storage areas because such lights cannot be affected by temperature. LED high bay lights are often used because they have no impact on the storage facilities’ temperature because they do not accumulate heat. 
  • Large factories that require quality lighting

Spacing bay lights

Firstly, when installing high bay lights, the number of fixtures you need depends on the bay warehouse’s size. The size of the location also significantly influences the amount of space between the high bay light fixtures. 

Additionally, the height of the ceiling also influences how far you ought to space the lights. For instance, for a ceiling that it between 15 to 19 feet high, the best quantity of spacing would be around 10 to 12 feet. From 20 to 29 inches high ceilings, the best amount of spacing would be 16 feet. The spacing of the lights influences the quality and quantity of light that is provided or available. Therefore, it would be wise if you got professional help and consider your space’s size when choosing the ideal amount of spacing. 


LED high bay lights are very popular because they are very energy efficient. This means that regardless of the number of light fixtures and the quantity of light required, you do not have to worry about spending ridiculous amounts of money on electric bills. They are also perfect because they do not produce heat, especially in areas where heat would adversely affect. It is always wise to seek professional assistance before and during the installation of LED high bay lights. 

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