Difference And Similarities Between Curly And Straight Wigs

by David Woolf

Hairpieces are fashion accessories made from two materials; Synthetic hair and Natural Human Hair. These two materials of human hair wigs can take different styles. The two predominant styles of hairpieces are:

  • Straight Hair Wigs
  • Curly Hair Wigs

Straight Hair Wigs

This hair wigs style does not possess any ups and downs; they possess straight strands of hairs that run from the spine, and they often come as hair bundles with closure. It gives its user a flying, silky, and enchanting look.

Caring For Straight Hair Wigs

The kind of care given to straight hair wigs is dependent on the material that makes up the wig. One way of caring for both kinds of wigs is air drying them after use. This aims to prevent the occurrence of dandruff or smell. When using heating iron, it is important to remember that synthetic hair wigs are not heated-friendly, so avoid using too much heat to straighten the hair strands. The same applies to natural human hairs; although they react differently to heat, constant application of heat shortens the lifespan of the wig. Also, when caring for your wigs, use anti-dandruff creams and ointments. Lastly, after washing and drying, endeavor to store the wigs properly.

Curly Hair Wigs

This style of hair wigs possesses a bouncy and wavy-like appearance. They possess curve strands of hair; these curves can move in different directions depending on the design of the hairpiece. It gives its user a timeless look.

Caring For Curly Hair Wigs

This style of hairpiece requires more effort towards maintaining and preserving its curls. The steps are as follows:

  1. This involves sectioning the hair: The size of the sections depends on the size of the ringlets formed on the wigs, as curly wigs easily get tangled up forming ringlets. For small ringlets, section the hair little by little, starting from the root of the hair strands. For large ringlets, use large sections.
  2. When washing these wigs: The method of washing is different for the different kinds of wigs. The first step when washing a wig is to shampoo the wig, then rinse it in water. After rinsing, air dry the wig.
  3. When the wig dries, apply hair ointments or cream to the wigs. For natural human hair wigs, you can either restyle the curls yourself or give them to a professional hairdresser to do it for you.
  4. Note: Natural curly human hair wigs lose their curly style after washing
  5. For synthetic hair wigs. After it dries, it does not lose its curly style, so you will not experience difficulty restyling it.

Advantages of Straight Hair wigs Over Curly Hair Wigs

  1. These styles are easy to maintain
  2. They possess a realistic and natural appearance
  3. They are less expensive
  4. It is very comfortable
  5. It gives a beautiful appearance.
  6. It can be styled to take any look or design


The style of hairpiece you choose to wear is your choice. Both styles are aimed at adding beauty. Hopefully, this article provides all you need to know about both styles of hair wigs.

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