Eight Steps to Follow in Windshield Cleaning

by David Woolf

Recent studies have shown that most collisions are because of poor driver’s visibility. Therefore, there is a need to improve visibility no matter the driving conditions. Ensuring your windshield is clean is quite important. You can click here to find the right auto glass cleaning products. These are some of the windshield cleaning tactics.


Before you start diving into cleaning the windshield with any particular glass cleaner, you should remove whatever is stuck there. Some of the substances that require pre-cleaning include bird droppings, glue from stickers, bug splatters, and stubborn dirt. With the hose pressure, you can eliminate some of the dirt. However, you want to ensure you use the right solvent to eliminate dirt. Another option is to use detailing clay to get rid of debris from chips and cracks in the windshield.

Inspect Blades and Arms

Wiper arms and blades are known to contribute to scratching, streaking, and damage to the windshield. Ensure you inspect wiper arms and blades from any given defects and ensure you replace them when necessary. You need to clean wiper blades before you clean the windshield. This is necessary to avoid marring.

Clean in the Shade

It is advisable to park the car in the shade when cleaning the windshield. Other than helping you prevent glare and give you a better view helps prevent glare and gives you a better view. Moreover, it helps keep the cleaners from leaving the residue and evaporating quickly.

Clean Exterior Windshield

You should clean both sides of the windshield to offer the clearest visibility. Ensure you clean the exterior windshield first. In this way, you can have a good view of evaluating the progress when cleaning the interior.

Streak-Free Cleaning

When the car is in the shade, you prevent common streaking problems. You should note that streak-free cleaning involves a combination of products that you use to clean. Some of the things you need include a towel, glass cleaner, and a buffer. Ensure you get a microfiber towel and fold twice to ensure you have smooth, dry surfaces. For buffing, you can even use a newspaper or a lint-free towel.

Clean the Interior

Windshield cleaning from the inside is quite different. You need to remove sticky substances such as window sticker glue. The interior windows have an oily film, so you should clean them quickly with a sponge before you can use a cleaner.

Prevent Oily Buildup

You can save effort on interior auto glass cleaning by taking measures to avoid oily buildup. Usually, the interior buildup is a result of smoke and interior cleaning products. There are a few ways to prevent oily buildup. For instance, you can avoid smoking inside the vehicle.

Apply for Protection on Windshield

There are a few ways to ensure your windshield remains clean. The best option is to apply the protective treatment on the exterior windshield. The treatment helps repel rain, prevent hard water deposits, water marks, and reduce rain glare. Ideally, the treatment helps to create a bond, and it is easy to apply. Ideally, it is several times longer as compared to other treatment products.

It is vital to have a clear vision to avoid collisions and reduce the risk of damage. Getting the right windshield cleaning products is quite important.

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