Tips for wearing transparent handbags to work

by David Woolf

Clear handbags are an incredible and stylish type of bag to carry to the workplace. The plastic bags for work are very trendy, and they come in a wide range of styles. You can carry the transparent bags to work, the gym, a date, a night out, and other occasions. In this post, we discuss plastic clear bags for work. 

How to wear transparent bags for work

Transparent bags are very trendy lately. They come in different styles that can be worn as casual or work bags. When carrying a transparent bag to work, you may want to consider the following tips;

1. What to show off

As the name suggests, transparent bags show off most of the things that are carried within the bag. However, it wouldn’t be a wise idea to show off everything that you are carrying within the bag. For instance, you don’t want people to see your ATM card, ID, and the cash you have within the bag. Therefore, you can have items like your credit cards, ID, driving license, and money in a small and cute pouch then have the pouch inside the bag. That way, you are only showing off the cute pouch. You can also show off items like your makeup and phone.

2. What to pair the clear bag with?

For a day in the office, you can pair your clear handbag with a pair of clear stilettos or heals and an official outfit. For instance, you can wear a pantsuit then accessorize with the bag. You may also want to go for neutral colors and not very bold colors. A clear bag is all the bold statements you need for the workplace.

3. Keep the bag neat

Rumor has it that women’s purses are often not quite neat. The bags host too many items that most women may not be too proud to admit. However, if you are carrying a clear bag, you are inviting people to see what is inside the bag. Therefore, you want it to look as neat as possible. For this reason, you may need a conveniently-sized bag. You do not want a huge bag that you will need to fill with too many things. Remember, when going to work, the last thing you need is a dramatic look. Therefore, get a bag that will accommodate your work essentials so that you can organize it well. The trick is to make sure that you do not overwhelm the transparent handbag.

Styles of clear bags you can carry to the office

  • Tote bags- a tote bag is a trendy type of bag for working women. It easily transitions from the office to a night out.
  • Jelly bucket bag- this type of bag has a lot of space within which you can carry your documents and all your work essentials.
  • Other styles include mosaic shoulder handbags and clear designer purses, just to name a few.


The market is packed with a wide range of clear plastic handbags from which you can choose, it is worth noting that the bags are made from PVC. This means that you should keep them away from heat.

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