Here’s why you should buy YouTube watch time hours

by David Woolf

You’re probably preparing to start a YouTube channel. You have likely been extensively researching YouTube’s policies on content and monetization. During your research, you found out that you need a total of 4000 watch hours to qualify for monetization on the platform. You became worried. But then you found out that you could purchase watch hours for YouTube. To know more about this wonderful ability, visit

But now you’re wondering where you can reliably buy the watch hours you need. Famous Follower is your answer! For those of you that are relatively new to the community, you’re about to learn about the best source of watch time for your new channel. And for the old-timers, it’s about time you found out what you’ve been missing!

Even while providing a relatively novel service, Famous Follower considers the following standards to be of the utmost importance.

1. Cost-effectiveness

If you are starting a new YouTube channel, especially for those of you that are hoping to monetize your content, your return on investment is very important. It can be difficult to track and improve this in your early stages because, frankly, until you get to 4000 watch hours, there is no return on investment. With Famous Follower every dime you spend will return as watch hours. You spend a specific amount for a specific number of watch hours, and you get exactly what you pay for. That way, you can anticipate how much you will need to spend to get the watch time you want and work towards it. This is better than spending unexpected amounts of money and hoping for uncertain results.

2. Time consciousness

With Famous Follower, you have assured a result after a fixed period. No guessing. No delays. You can therefore make more accurate plans to monetize your channel, as opposed to an unsure amount of time. Famous Follower also delivers your watch hours between 24 – 48 hours and therefore is one of the fastest providers of real watch hours.

3. Security and Accessibility

When you purchase watch hours from Famous Follower, you are delivered real views, from real people, in a way that is acceptable to YouTube’s guidelines. That way, there is no risk of getting your account flagged. Famous Follower is also committed to educating you about the process and about what you need to do to get the results you require. You can access the round the clock customer service that is available. Famous Follower makes it even easier by providing multiple contact options. Head over to Famous Followersand locate the customer support options to present any inquiries or requests you may have.


Purchasing watch hours is a great way to grow your new channel and attract more views. After all, YouTube only recommends what a lot of people are watching. If you obtain real views and watch hours from a reputable provider like Famous Follower, you can simply sit back and watch your channel grow much faster than you may have previously imagined.

So if you are planning on buying YouTube’s watch time hours, do it. It’ll be one of the best decisions you ever made for your YouTube channels.

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