How to Earn FIFA 21 Coins With Ease?

by David Woolf

Many people have enjoyed playing FIFA 21 with access to a limitless number of coins. If you are new to the game, or you have not gotten as many coins as you need, here are right exciting cheats that have been helpful to other players.

Eight cheats for earning FIFA 21 Coins

  1. Winning Matches using the Nuclear Option

When you win a FUT 21 match, you automatically earn FUT 21 coins from EA. But how can you be sure you’d win, especially if your opponent has already gone points ahead of you. The nuclear option is a last-minute strategy that involves losing your internet connection for some time. When you get back on, you can make claims of winning or drawing. You can also distract the other player and take your chance when you have it.

  1. Save Fitness Card

Saving your fitness cards is a great way to conserve coins. Surprisingly, you can also use it as a cheat to earn more coins. This can be done by arranging a squad battle between the beginner’s artificial intelligence and your full bronze team. When you take the lead, you can put down your controller. With this, your team can get to the bench and restore their fitness. If you keep up with this, you stand the chance of winning coins.

  1. Trading TOTW Players

Team of the Week Players is a group of 18 to 23 players teamed up by EA due to their excellent performance in the previous week. To use the TOTW players to earn coins, you need to buy cheap players from this team and wait for their prices to rise before selling them.

  1. Buying Coins

Buying FIFA coins is a cheap and easy cheat to use. There are many sites online for procuring FIFA 21 coins, and they all claim to be secure. Although EA has prohibited this practice and is set to ban any account found indulging in such actions, this cheat has been used by many to acquire enough FIFA coins.

  1. Using Coin Generators

With coin generators, players are exposed to a boundless reservoir of FIFA coins and points. Most coin generators do not require any payment from gamers. This is also against EA’s Terms of Service so gamers have to be careful to avoid losing their accounts. Several FUT coin generators are available online.

  1. Logging in through the Web App

If you would like to earn FUT 21 coins daily, logging in through the FIFA Web App can help. EA does this to encourage gamers to download the application.

  1. Chemistry Styles

Players with chemistry styles have higher stats than those without it. However, many gamers are not aware of this. That is why some players that have chemistry styles are being sold off at really low rates. You can take advantage of this knowledge by buying as many players with chemistry styles as possible. You can then sell them at high prices.

  1. Complete Squad Building Challenges (SBC)

Squad Building Challenges have different squad requirements that you can use your players to complete. Many gamers ignore the flash SBCs for some reason. Completing flash and default SBCs is a simple way to earn daily coins on FIFA 21.


Having so many FIFA 21 coins can make the game more interesting for any gamer. They can purchase any player or item to build their ideal team. Over time, players have uncovered some cheats to help them make more coins. This article contains eight of them.

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