Materials Used to Make Top Pillows for Stomach Sleepers

by David Woolf

Although pillows are made of various materials, some of them are perfect for stomach sleepers. The commonly used materials include feather, buckwheat, down, and polyfoam. These are the materials used to make the best pillow for stomach sleepers. You should note that each pillow material has its advantages and disadvantages.

Memory Foam

The truth is that memory foam has changed how mattresses and pillows are made. That is because the material can respond accordingly to pressure and heat. As a result, it conforms to the shape of the body. The best pillows for stomach sleepers promote correct spinal alignment and relieve tension. Also, some pillows have a solid foam core, and others shredded memory foam with adjustable loft. However, they have the potential for off-gassing. Therefore, if you are sensitive to odors, you go for other options.


These types of pillows are filled with buckwheat seeds hulls. Since the hulls are open, they allow excellent airflow. In this way, they help regulate the temperature. The good thing about this material is that it conforms to the neck and head shape to relieve pressure and offer support. You can also adjust the loft of the pillows by removing or adding hulls. However, some stomach sleepers avoid these pillows because they find them to be firm. When moved, it makes rustling noises.


These types of pillows are filled with feathers of geese or ducks. The good thing about these feathers is that they conform and compress easily to the body shape. You will find these pillows to be lightweight and soft. Therefore, they are ideal for stomach sleepers. Remember that the nature of feathers can result in heat retention. Also, you will need to fluff them now and again because they do not keep their shape.


Latex is obtained from the rubber trees. There is also synthetic latex. The good thing about latex is that it is support for the stomach sleepers as it contours to the body shop to relieve pressure and provide adequate support. However, some stomach sleepers do not recommend latex pillows as they are quite heavy, dense, and thick.


Down is sourced from feathers, geese, or ducks, and it is softer than most materials. Its malleability properties allow users to shape their pillows the way they want. Also, it can be adjusted by removing and adding fill. Its cradling effect supports the neck and head. You will find these pillows to be soft, and you can remove or add fill whenever you want.


Also known as polyurethane foam, it is probably the most affordable pillow for side sleepers. That is because it provides moderate contouring and pressure relief. However, it has less breathability than other materials used to make pillows. The other disadvantage is that it is less durable, and it is likely to sag with time.

Other than the materials used to make pillows for stomach sleepers, you should consider other things such as size and price. For instance, the size determines the surface area for your head, shoulders, and neck.

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