Parts of your Pressure Pump and how to care for them

by David Woolf

Have you ever found yourself facing a situation where your hose is all tangled up? No one enjoys that. You can avoid the hassle by getting yourself a pressure pump pipe reel. A pressure pump is nothing special as it only directs water from a water supply through the hose. However, it does this at very high pressure. This is what makes the pressure pump a must-have. If you would like to try your hands on something new, you could try your hands on

Washing Parts-What makes up the wash pump?

Each component of a power washing pump has its function. What are the various constituents of a power washing pump?

  1. The water channel: As the name implies, the water channel of the pump is that inlet through which water enters the pipe of the pressure washer. This part of the pump usually has a sieve. The sieve of the water inlet prevents foreign bodies from mixing with the water that exits the pump. The results of pieces of stone shooting out of your power pump hose at high pace would not be pleasant.
  2. Engine: Like every other machine, the pressure pump needs an engine of its own. Smaller models can run on your home’s domestic power supply, however, larger models cannot. For these pressure washers, you need a compact gasoline engine. These engines are almost the same as the ones you would find in lawnmowers. Pressure pumps with engines that run on gas are best adapted for places where a power source is hard to find.
  3. Pump: This is the functional unit of the power washing pump. The water coming out at high pressure is all thanks to this part. The pump functions in line with the directions from the engine. It collects water and releases it at high pressure in stages according to directives from the engine.
  4. Spray gun/ Hose: These two parts go hand-in-hand as the spray gun is attached to the hose. Not just any ordinary channel can perform the function of the hose for the pressure pump as only certain materials can withstand the pressure.
  5. Cleaning attachment: This is an add-on to the pressure pump. Depending on the function your pump will be performing, you could attach a spray gun or a spinning brush to your pressure washer hose.

Caring for your pressure pump after use is compulsory. If you neglect your pump once it has served its purpose, it will not last. Therefore, after using your power washing pump, you should:

Rinse off traces of detergent from the pressure washer. You can look out for detergent build-up in the detergent siphoning system.

Ensure that there is no residual build-up in the pump. To do this, you must clean out the spray nozzle and the pipe of the pump.

Make sure that there are no tears, holes, or bulges on the hose. If you find any of this, do not try patching it up, instead, you should get a replacement hose.

Alleviate any residual pressure in the power pump. This goes a long way in giving your power washing pump a longer lifespan. If your pressure pump works on electricity, you should make sure to unplug it after usage. If the pump makes use of gasoline, shut it down. After turning the pump off, point the hose away from yourself and hold the trigger down. Finally, restart the machine and let all the water run out.


For a well-functional power washing machine, you need to properly care for its components. Having one or more parts of your pressure pump lose function over something you could avoid would not be pleasant. Therefore, proper care of your pressure washer pump is necessary.

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