Why you should start weight lifting

by David Woolf

People who are new to the world of fitness may feel that weight lifting, strength lifting and balance are only for those who have been working out for quite some time. They may feel that only experienced athletes need strength lifting.

Experience does play a part in strength lifting or poids musculation. Strength lifting provides many physical and mental health benefits. It is too important to leave out of your workout routine. There are many reasons why it is important and needs to be part of your program.

Top reasons why you should try weight lifting

1. Physical Work Capacity

Strength lifting increases your physical work capacity. It not only does that, but it also improves your ability to perform basic daily activities or tasks that you would normally do. The proper weight lifting will help you work harder and longer.

2. Bone Density

Good weight lifting helps with the improvement of your bone density. Adding weight lifting to your workout plan is one of the best ways to control bone loss as you get older.

3. Body Mass

Engaging in weight lifting promotes a fat-free body mass. As we get older, the lean muscle that everyone aspires to attain in the gym slowly turns into fat. This process is called sarcopenia. Strength lifting helps us maintain thin muscle

4. Motor Performance

Engaging in strength lifting helps build the strength of your connecting tissue, tendons, and muscle. This thereby increases your motor performance and reduces the risk you getting an injury.

5. Quality of Life

Strength lifting will help you build strength as well as a renewed confidence in yourself. It will help you manage your weight while building your body strength and endurance levels at the same time.

Getting Started

To start your Strength lifting, a good first step is to make an appointment to meet with a fitness specialist or a personal trainer. Since they are professionals, they are trained and will be able to explain the basics to you, show you the proper form it is supposed to be done, and even set up a weekly program for you.

For those people who are already experienced athletes, these professionals will be ready to show you how to keep achieving endurance and strength gains by overloading the body. The whole process is meant to help you keep gaining.

Starting up Program

One of the goals is to not get injured while you get gains. To achieve that, you need to start slowly. Starting slowly will help reduce your chances of getting an injury or becoming sore. Starting with a single set is very helpful while your work your way up.

You are advised to always use the right amount of weight. Do not let the weight be too heavy nor too light. Too heavy can cause bad form and too light will prevent you from attaining your desired benefits of weight lifting.

To know if the weight is right for you, you should be able to perform a few last repetitions without ruining your form or causing injury.


Finally, allowing your muscles to rest is very beneficial for progress. You should give yourself 48 hours before lifting the same group of muscles.

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