Five Important Billiard Accessories For Every Billiard Player

by David Woolf

In every billiard game, irrespective of the variant played, you always desire to make graceful and accurate hits at all times. Putting your skill in handling the cue aside, your success in the billiard game largely depends on the kinds of accessories at your disposal.

For example, you need the best pool cues, gloves, shaft, chalks, cleaners, etc. In this article, we will talk about some of the essential billiard accessories for your awareness. So as you pack your cue case, never forget the necessary accessories, too.

  1. Chalks: Chalks are at the tip of your cue. The success of a billiard game largely depends on how you chalk up your cue. Chalks add friction such that when the cue hits the ball, it doesn’t slide off the ball. Also, chalking has a psychological advantage for players because, in chalking a cue, players can focus on the game and develop insights or strategies. Next time, when you pack your bags, don’t forget to include chalk.
  2. Cue cleaner: The best pool cues are cleaned frequently. You can use cues for an extended period depending on the kind of care you give them. To get proper cleanliness for your cue, always use material friendly cleaners. Furthermore, to avoid discoloration, you should always use the cue cleaner. There is a variety of cue cleaner, depending on which one meets your preferences. But always remember your success as a billiard player depends on how clean your cue is.
  3. Towel:The Towel is another must-have item for billiard players. Your hands may get sweaty sometimes, depending on the level of humidity in the game. A glance at professional players will show how often they clean their hands with a towel. Apart from cleaning hands, a towel can help you in billiard gaming strategy. It is a useful tool for staying in touch with the game while creating new approaches to win your game.
  4. A talc bag:It may seem slightly out of place to carry a load of powder around. However, it comes in handy to combat sweaty hands when you are playing the game. Talc powder refreshes your hand, keeping it smooth so you can grab your cue seamlessly. A talc bag, if not correctly handled, can be hazardous. Its content can spill, damaging other necessary accessories you have packed for the game.
  5. Bridge or Extensions: In the course of the game, you will realize that there are certain positions you will have difficulty reaching. This happens whether you are tall or short. To take some shots, you will need a bridge or extension, as the case may be. While the bridge allows you to reach your target ball quickly, the extension is fixed at the tip of your cue to extend its length. Both accessories are useful for instances of taking long shots.


Billiard is an intriguing game of strategy and class. Going into any game requires an array of accessories at your disposal. While this article mentioned a few of these accessories, other accessories such as brush, pool table cover, gloves, cue holder, Break cues, Pocket marker, etc., are needed to make seamless shots.

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